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The Luxury Bulletin


The Luxury Bulletin, an ambitious online luxury magazine, partnered with us to establish its brand identity and design an exquisite website. Targeting connoisseurs from the Middle East.

The Luxury Bulletin aimed to curate and showcase luxury products, services, and experiences from around the world. Our collaborative efforts encompassed the creation of a distinctive logo and the development of an elegant online magazine platform.


The Luxury Bulletin


Logo Design, UI Design, WordPress

Creative Brief

The basic requirements were a logo and a blog based website with a minimalist design

The client wanted a look that was minimalist and appealed to a discerning audience inclined to luxurious tastes. We had creative freedom with the logo an design aspect.

The website had to be clear with an emphasis on the imagery that would play a pivotal role in attracting the user to engage with each article.

Our Solution


A distinctive logo was created, incorporating elements that epitomized luxury, sophistication. The logo is an amalgamated monogram using an elegant serif font for the initials of the brand name. 


The website design aimed to replicate the exclusivity of luxury. Its intuitive and minimalist layout ensured that users could effortlessly navigate through the magazine’s curated content. High-quality images and carefully selected typography emphasized the opulence and readability of the magazine.

The design was meticulously optimized for mobile and desktop, ensuring a consistent and pleasurable experience across all devices.

The Results

The transformation of The Luxury Bulletin’s brand and the creation of their online magazine yielded significant results:

  • Strong Brand Identity: The new brand identity immediately conveyed luxury and cultural relevance. Users associated The Luxury Bulletin with exclusivity and authenticity.

  • User Engagement: The elegant and user-friendly website design saw a significant increase in user engagement. Visitors spent more time on the site, exploring the rich content and luxury offerings.

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